How to Handle A Difficult Client

How to Handle A Difficult Client


Being a new lawyer does not mean that you should be the undercard in your working relationship with clients. There will always be that time that you have to deal with difficult clients and we have listed how you should handle such.


-Show Your Client That You Know What You Are Doing

You have to let them know that you are the one rendering the service, and you studied law, passed the bar exam, got your license, and that you know very well what you are doing. This especially applies to clients that tend to be excessively anxious about every little aspect of the case or the situation and they constantly breathes down your neck.


-Keep Them Informed

One of the reasons clients complaint is because they feel neglected or are unaware of the progress of the case. For example, new court rulings have come out and they received late notification about it, tendency is,  they will be upset and really pissed at you, and an upset client will surely be difficult towards you. To prevent this, make sure that your clients are always update and well informed of what’s going on. Afterall, they hired you to render a specific job and they expect you to act your part.


Fix the Problem immediately

Clients can be difficult if they do not get the result that they are expecting. If you can give the immediate action or response to a problem, then by all means do it right away if not as you as you are able to. You may adjust some of your rules every now and then which is okay because after all you are the one in control in your professional relationship with the client. You are the one calling the shots. As much as possible avoid any circumstance that a client gets unsatisfied with your service. Your clients are technically your customers, and customers are always right, and you would not want to any negative feedback said about your service especially if you are a new lawyer.


Keep Your Calm and Be Patient

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to adjust for your client, they still remain difficult. That is because some people are just plain difficult. In an unfortunate event  that you come across this type of client, be patient. Be extremely patient. Keep your cool. Getting in an argument with a client will not help your situation nor do good for your case or your project. Be the bigger person and extend more maturity and understanding.


Know When To Fire A Client

You may have had followed the tips and strategies provided, but your difficult client remain the same and not a single sign of improving. You can always consider firing them if it’s not just worth the stress and especially if projects, discussions, cases are taking longer than they should because of the constant client involvement and if you are losing time intended for your other clients.