The Basics with has given me a sense of security that I never thought I would have. Having newborn children, you tend to think about just how safe your home really is from intruders. If you can prevent it, why wouldn’t you? Sure guns are great but if you are not there what good does a gun actually do you with the security of your home? Most intruders will come during a normal work day to break in and steal belongs. Lets face, most of them don’t really have jobs anyway, so it seems pretty logical as to why they would be targeting homes during working hours.

The news is already awful enough to watch that I was determined to now allow my family to become a statistic. That was when I started researching at home security systems. I wasn’t really impressed with many on the market and not to mention the cost of some was outrageous. Then, walah, I came across Not only did this system come accustomed to my home and my families needs but it something our of CSI.

When you think of a security system that actually makes you feel 100 percent secure, you need to consider When my wife learned that we would be giving our fingerprints for a doorknob scanner, she was alarmed but soon became impressed with how much technology has advanced. Finally, we no longer had to only witness these miraculous systems on the Kardashians.  There now was a real system that was made for the average joe and his family that was actually afforadable.

I recommend using to everyone. If you are looking for a sense of security at an affordable price than this team is the way to go. If you live alone, I would recommend checking out for you own safety!

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