Sensor system technology has come a long way since before it was first developed. It is no longer for just the super wealthy, it has now become crucial for mostly everyone in today’s world. With the poor getting poorer it is no wonder why crime is an ultimate high. Keep your family, yourself and belongings protected with CI Sensor systems. Our consumers have come to rely on our products to achieve a sense of relief when on vacation, at work or leaving their loved ones home alone. It is no wonder CI sensor systems are loved by many.

The year of 2016 was rough for many Americans. Some experienced job loss, while others experienced packages being stolen right from their front doors. With no way to control others, many Americans doubled up on their security systems with CI sensor systems leading the way into every American home. Our unique patented design allows you choose an option of having cameras and additional security around your home hidden to the average eye. Many adore this feature. While some still like the traditional look as well. Our sensors are placed strategically across pathways, around your home and can pick up the difference between an animal and humans by a special technology that our team has designed.

Cameras are streaming 24 hours a day and you have a dedicated account manager who is always on stand up. You can check on your home at any point with a simple touch on the app through your phone as well. CI sensor systems are known for their sensors. Our sensors can sense details such as a difference in unusual body heat, fingerprints on a doorknob and even retina displays not matching. Our sensors are so precise yet so unidentifiable in and around your home that you will always feel safe with CI sensor systems.